Welcome and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Stefan Wermelinger. I am a banking professional turned composer and lyricist, dedicated to creating genuine lyrics that not only have meaning, but produces positive energy and great vibes. I eat, sleep and breathe the craft of music. I write songs for a variety of music genres. It is my hope that you will enjoy hearing my music just as much as I enjoy creating the songs. Feel free to explore my site. If you feel that my songs are something you are looking for and would like to speak further, please send me a note.

I grew up in Switzerland in a small town near Berne. After living in the city of Berne and Zürich I moved to Singapore in 2011. I always had a special interest in songwriting but treated it only as a hobby. As the years went on and I had built a career in banking, I soon realized music isn’t just a mere hobby; it is indeed my passion.